KODio is an IT company founded by young people, therefore the work environment created for them is accordingly creative and modern.

The first contact with the space starts in the entrance lobby - a designed aluminum tunnel that attracts people to enter the work zone at both ends of the tunnel. In addition to the monochromaticity and simplicity of the materials (natural concrete, glass partitions, black panels and paint on the walls), we also introduce the blue color through the details, with the desire to give it off as the recognizable color of the company. 

Villa Ljuta


Muzeji i galerije Podgorice

In its minimalism, the space is dedicated to the exhibits as a part of the permanent collection of Montenegrin greats of painting. The reflection of the painting in the white floor gives depth to the room and additionally fills it with atmosphere depicted on the canvases. Black portals highlight the staircase leading to the museum and gallery spaces, creating a contrast in the space.



The butcher is located in an urban area of Podgorica. The idea of the clean lines that add minimal character and wood gridded walls  provide warmth and texture. Lightning details and plants also add further color and personality to the  space. Use of natural materials and simplicity of the form were the goal to creating both alluring and inviting space.