Elementary school in City Kvart

Competition for the conceptual architectural design of a elementary school in City kvart in Podgorica - Honorable mention

BAB 2023 Awards and Recognitions / Competition for the design of a elementary school in City kvart in Podgorica- Third place in nonrealizations

This structure comprises two distinctive components - the school building and the sports hall, thoughtfully separated to create outdoor spaces suitable for both academic and extracurricular activities, even serving as an open-air classroom.
Enveloping this architectural ensemble is a colonnade of columns, serving as an elegant visual boundary while allowing the smooth flow of people at ground level.
The school building takes the form of a monolithic structure with integrated segments around which a membrane of stylized columns and beams is shaped, seamlessly becoming an integral part of the building's aesthetic.
The most prominent architectural feature of the building is undoubtedly the atriums, around which the internal circulation of the structure is organized. This innovative approach enables the integration of nature and natural light into all public spaces of the building, simultaneously providing quality facilities for various school activities. The atriums are enclosed by windows, allowing an abundance of natural light within, creating a vibrant and appealing atmosphere throughout the facility.