Chesa Nascosta

A private villa is set to be constructed in the town of Žabljak in Montenegro. This villa is designed to offer a unique living experience, with a focus on integrating the natural beauty of the surrounding forest into the interior spaces.

Villa ST

The residence is characterized by its volumetric cubic-like forms, each carefully oriented to prioritize the breathtaking sea views from the majority of its rooms. This deliberate arrangement results in living spaces that are both inviting and of high quality. The building's orientation cleverly amplifies the natural slope of the terrain, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates into the surroundings, without disrupting the overall harmony of the area.

Villa SLO

The architectural and landscape design of this private family house, nestled in Slovenia, embodies a fresh and innovative approach to residential architecture. The architectural and landscape design for this private family house in Slovenia embodies a distinctive approach to residential architecture. It combines an intriguing and innovative form with highly functional living spaces, redefining the traditional concept of a family home.

Villa B

Grand Prix Winner of the Fourth Montenegrin Salon of Architecture

Mies van der Rohe Award 2022 Nominee

Villa Rvasi

This villa is nestled within a rocky, natural landscape, and its design is a striking example of harmonizing with the surroundings. Comprising a low black box that elegantly traverses the slope, mimicking the horizon, and a concrete base that seamlessly integrates with the rocky terrain, the residence stands on the hill's edge. Its orientation has been meticulously planned to welcome abundant light and capture breathtaking views of the adjacent forest and the encompassing natural beauty.


Villa V

The reconstruction of 80s family house in well-known vineyard region of broader Podgorica aimed to create contemporary home for single family. Solid cubic form of building is organized as split levels house where the lower floors are planned for social activities and the upper floor with the great roof terrace are to be kept private.

Villa Luznica

The residence is situated near to Podgorica in nature environment. It consists of few blocks in various materials. Its landscaping with the outdoor swimming pool is aimed to preserve and highlight the nature.  

Villa Z

The residence is planned to be built in suburb of Podgorica, overlooking the river Zeta. Green wall which borders the plot is taking care of pleasant and private surrounding within the group of spread houses. The main building consists of two shifted cubes placed where the terrain starts to slope toward the river profiting the magnificent view. The box like guest house and summer kitchen are designed to have planted trees and greenery on the roof looking like large pot plants.

Villa K

The irregular shaped plot is closed toward the neighbors by the stone wall, but opened to natural landscape by great glass surfaces. The social functions are placed in ground floor, on contrary the upper floors which consist of two cantilevered blocks where one is purposed to be mainly used by children and the other by parents. Auxiliary facilities and garage are planned for basement.

Villa Pržno

The building is organized as multistory solid block with the irregular shape that follows the lines of plot. The house privacy is achieved by having three facades with only randomly spread ventilation openings facing the very near neighborhood houses and forth facade toward the sea with great shaded glass areas taking the benefits of the sea view.