Atelier 10

A house with old stone walls on the ground floor and a modern extension on the upper floors combines the charm and character of the old with the conveniences of contemporary living. The old stone walls on the ground floor exude history and authenticity, adding warmth and character to the house. They have been carefully restored or preserved to maintain their original appearance.

Villa la Vista

The intervention encompasses both the landscape and interior design of an old house situated in the coastal town of Perast. The reconstruction was thoughtfully executed with minimal interventions, preserving the intrinsic value of the space. A minimalist interior design approach, featuring exposed stone walls, seamlessly harmonizes the historical Mediterranean ambiance with a contemporary living concept, creating a unique and captivating living space.

Villa Bečići

Existing family house preserved and restored to create contemporary apartment building. Careful integration of existing and new forms bring quality and attractive spaces for living.

La Nascosta

The reconstruction of an old stone villa, originally constructed in the classic residential style of the late 19th century, was envisioned to transform it into a contemporary residence for a single family. Through careful and thoughtful design interventions, this two-story villa has been restored, recapturing its original qualities and offering spacious living areas, ensuring a harmonious blend of historical charm and modern comfort.

Villa Piperi

An old family house has been meticulously preserved and thoughtfully restored to transform it into a modern and spacious home for a single family. The careful integration of existing architectural elements with new forms has resulted in a residence that offers high-quality and appealing living spaces. The preservation of the original structure not only honors the heritage and history of the house but also infuses it with a sense of character and authenticity.


The butcher shop is strategically situated in the urban hub of Podgorica. The design concept revolves around clean lines that imbue a sense of minimalistic character, while wooden gridded walls introduce warmth and texture to the space. Subtle lighting details and the presence of lush greenery further infuse color and personality into the environment. The deliberate use of natural materials and the simplicity of the overall form were paramount in achieving a space that is both alluring and inviting.

Villa V

The reconstruction of 80s family house in well-known vineyard region of broader Podgorica aimed to create contemporary home for single family. Solid cubic form of building is organized as split levels house where the lower floors are planned for social activities and the upper floor with the great roof terrace are to be kept private.