KODio is a software company that primarily employs young individuals, therefore the work environment created for them is accordingly creative and modern. The space occupies the entire floor of a commercial glass building. 

Villa Ljuta

Interior design of an old stone villa built in the classic residential style of the late 19th century aimed to create contemporary modern family house. Trough minimal interventions and modern furniture design two-story villa is planned to be reconstructed to a contemporary vacation home.


Interior office design for the bank company in Podgorica brings unique experience to users, through minimalistic spacious design and great light setting. 


The interior office design for the supply company in Podgorica delivers a distinctive user experience, characterized by a minimalist aesthetic and innovative furniture design, paired with a superb light setting. The introduction of unique furniture and partitions not only enhances the dynamism of the space but also imparts a warm and homely ambiance, creating a truly inviting and comfortable workplace environment.

Apartment P

This three rooms family apartment has beautiful Moraca river view.